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Brisbane Southside Masters is a well established masters swimming club catering for masters age (18+) swimmers with a variety of interests and abilities. As a registered masters swimming club our members can nominate for Local, State, National and International competitions. Members may also participate in programs run at a State and National level. We have social activities for our members and their families. See our brochure.

We are based at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre which is part of the Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler. The world class indoor heated pools provide pleasant year round swimming conditions. The centre was opened in 1981 for the Commonwealth games in the following year and is still one of the best facilities in Australia.

Swimmers eighteen years and over can join masters swimming clubs in Australia. This means that if you turn eighteen on or before 31 December this year you may join our club. This allows young adults to move more or less directly from school or junior clubs to a masters swimming club. It is hoped that this will increase the number of young people who continue in swimming as a life long, healthy and social physical activity.

COVID-19 has not been significantly disrupting our swimming for some time now but that does not mean that we should get complacent! COVID is still hospitalising about 100 people per week in Queensland, the seasonal flu and other infectious diseases are ubiquitous. For your health and that of other swimmers, if you are unwell don't swim . Swimming is a relatively safe and beneficial form of exercise; however the usual cautions apply, if you have been physically inactive for a long time, it is best to seek professional advice before starting strenuous exercise also increase your work load gradually. Talk to our coaches to ensure that your training load is appropriate for your current level of fitness.

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