Joining the Club

What do you Need to Know

The club is a masters swimming club, that is, our members must be eighteen or more years old. Note carefully for the relevant age is your age as of 31 December in the current year, that is, if you turn eighteen in 2017 you may now join the club. To join the club, the registrar must sight an acceptable document as proof of your date of birth. There is of course no upper age bound, so if you can't beat them out live them.

The club caters for swimmers of a variety of levels of ability and interests. Ranging from those who are looking for companionship whilst they swim for recreation, to those who are highly competitive. We have members who were competitive junior age group or open swimmers and others who learned to swim as adults. A minimum level of competency in at least one formal stroke is required, we do not have the coaching resources to teach non swimmers. If you have any doubts about your competency or are looking for an adult learn to swim program please contact us for advice. Once you have attained that minimum level we would hope to help you improve your technique and fitness level in the friendly environment of our club.

If you are resuming physical activity after many years of inactivity or taking it up for the first time, it is advisable to seek medical advice, particularly if you have not had a medical examination recently. Swimming is a relatively safe activity, but like all forms of exercise the level of activity should be increased gradually to avoid injury.

Try Before You Buy

Prospective new members are welcome to participate in our training sessions. Come early, see Club Activities for details of cost and pool entry arrangements. Because of restrictions relating to public liability insurance we are required to limit prospective new members to one month participation in club activities, before they apply for membership. This restriction does not apply to visitors who are registered masters swimmers, that is, are members of another club.

Talk to Someone

If you prefer to talk to someone first about joining the club see Contact BSM for details.

Schedule of Fees for 2017

Situation Duration of Menbership Full Fee Concession
Current Member (2016) Full Year 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 $105.00 $90.00
New Member (2017) Full Year 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 $105.00 $90.00

In order to gain the concessional membership, a Health Concession card number must be noted on the registration form.

Membership Form

Both continuing and new members must complete the BSM membership form and submit it to the registrar. Membership fees must be paid when the form is submitted. Cash payments are accepted on club nights, please pay by cheque if posting or contact the registrar to make a direct payment into the bank account. If you intend to enter competitions early in the new year, your membership form should be submitted on or before the last club night of the year.


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