Individual Results Certificates for BSM Swim Meet 18 June 2022

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Wendy Abbott Miami Masters Swimming Club
Andrew Affleck River City Masters Team
Ed Anderson Miami Masters Swimming Club
Jess Anderson University of Queensland Masters
Deanne Atkinson Nudgee College Masters
Rhys Bailey Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming
Anthony Baker Brisbane Northside Masters Swimming
Martin Banks University of Queensland Masters
Nicole Bartley Rackley Team
Aiden Bergs Sunshine Coast Masters Swimming Club
Stephen Berting University of Queensland Masters
Stephen Black Miami Masters Swimming Club
Madison Blair Cotton Tree Masters Swimming Club
Stewart Bondarenko Belgravia Masters Team
Meredith Borger River City Masters Team
Kim Bowling Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Gay Bradley Cotton Tree Masters Swimming Club
Henry Bruce TSA Masters
Dean Brumby TSA Masters
Linden Bungey Genesis Aquatics
Leanne Burton TSA Masters
David Butler Barbarians Masters Team
Elise Butler Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Heather Butler Barbarians Masters Team
Nic Carmichael River City Masters Team
Colin Chapman Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Jamie Coates de Jonge TSA Masters
Alli Cooke Barbarians Masters Team
Andrew Cowan Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming
Jan Croft Noosa Masters Swimming Club
Therese Crollick Trinity Lismore Swimming Club
Sharon Dettmer Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Shelley Devers Rackley Team
Ian Dorrepaal Yeronga Yabbies Masters Swimming
Paul Edwards Coffs Harbour Masters
Andree Ernst Barbarians Masters Team
Kalvin Ernst Barbarians Masters Team
Declan Eskdale Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming
David Findlay Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club
Margaret Fittock Miami Masters Swimming Club
Catherine Flanders Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Gregory Flanders Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Ashleigh Forsyth Miami Masters Swimming Club
Jeremy Gawne Rackley Team
Judy Gibson Miami Masters Swimming Club
Justin Giles Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming
Kathryn Gill River City Masters Team
Tony Goodwin Manly Masters
Wendy Gordon Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
George Green Sunshine Coast Masters Swimming Club
Danielle Gregory University of Queensland Masters
David Haley Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Michael Hamilton Barbarians Masters Team
Josh Hemelaar Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Charlotte Hickman Genesis Aquatics
Indra Hidayat Aqualicious Masters
Christopher Hill Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Ross Holden University of Queensland Masters
Stephen Howell River City Masters Team
Dion Hutchins Barbarians Masters Team
Andrea Hutchinson Rackley Team
Janeene Hutchinson Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kady Ibell University of Queensland Masters
Kevin Jackson Rats Of Tobruk Masters
Annabelle Johnstone Ipswich City Masters
Peter Johnstone Ipswich City Masters
Damon Kendrick Aqualicious Masters
Rachael Keogh Genesis Aquatics
Elise Kho University of Queensland Masters
Claire King Yeronga Yabbies Masters Swimming
Brandon Lambert Gympie Gold Fins Masters Swimming
Michael Lee River City Masters Team
Steven Legge Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Anita Lendvay Genesis Aquatics
Vanessa Liebenberg Genesis Aquatics
Stephen Lilley Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club
Joanne Little Maryborough Masters Swimming
Margaret Little Brisbane Northside Masters Swimming
Nadine Loof Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Mark Ludbrook Miami Masters Swimming Club
Thomas Lynch Barbarians Masters Team
Nola Macaulay University of Queensland Masters
Angus Macleod Manly Masters Brisbane
Helen Malar Noosa Masters Swimming Club
Linda Maloney Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Traudi Marcello Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Vladimiro Marianetti Aqualicious Masters
Colin Marks Rackley Team
Trevor Mathews Noosa Masters Swimming Club
Paul Mayberry Twin Towns Services Masters
Bronwyn McKillop Belgravia Masters Team
Courtney McKinnon Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club
Robert Mitchell Barbarians Masters Team
Michael Morris Maryborough Masters Swimming
Stephen Morrissey Sunshine Coast Masters Swimming Club
Cathy Nash TSA Masters
Oliver Nash TSA Masters
Randys Navarro Hernandez Southport Masters
Geoffrey Neale Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Vicki Newman Belgravia Masters Team
Stephen O'Brien Miami Masters Swimming Club
Trudy Padro Barbarians Masters Team
Tristan Paice Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Manuel Panaretos Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Narelle Phillips Belgravia Masters Team
Sarah Philp University of Queensland Masters
Rebecca Pope River City Masters Team
Annabel Pranic Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Catherine Prince Rackley Team
Eric Quevauvilliers Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club
Karin Reddecliffe Lowood District Masters
Marsha Reddiex Belgravia Masters Team
Jenna Ridley Cotton Tree Masters Swimming Club
Denise Robertson Miami Masters Swimming Club
Clive Robinson Southport Masters
Ian Robinson Noosa Masters Swimming Club
Trish Robinson Nudgee College Masters
Joerg Rockstroh Barbarians Masters Team
Peter Rosengren TSA Masters
Chris Rowland Maryborough Masters Swimming
Carol Rylance Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
David Salter Miami Masters Swimming Club
Lindy Salter Miami Masters Swimming Club
Chris Savage River City Masters Team
Mick Schuddinh Southport Masters
Nicky Scriggins TSA Masters
Brian Shapland Redcliffe Peninsula Masters Swimming Club
John Simonidis Noosa Masters Swimming Club
Carole Simpson Miami Masters Swimming Club
Elaine Sng River City Masters Team
Colette Southam Miami Masters Swimming Club
Noah Southam Miami Masters Swimming Club
Nicolette Spicer TSA Masters
Jacinta Stirrat Darwin Stingers Masters
Michelle Stonehouse Sunshine Coast Masters Swimming Club
Robert Sutherland Brisbane Northside Masters Swimming
Richard Sydes Barbarians Masters Team
Don Taylor Toowoomba Tadpoles Masters
Eric Taylor Miami Masters Swimming Club
Alexander Tedman Aqualicious Masters
Vanessa Teece Miami Masters Swimming Club
David Tomkinson Brisbane Northside Masters Swimming
Edwina Trollope Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Cathy Van Croonenborg Genesis Aquatics
Matthew Vincent Rackley Team
Hanna Wassenaar Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kristopher Watkins Southport Masters
Margaret Watts Miami Masters Swimming Club
Jennifer Webster Barbarians Masters Team
Valeria Wecke Maryborough Masters Swimming
Thilak Wellappili (V) Rainbow Aquatics
Jacqueline Willmott Miami Masters Swimming Club
Gabby Wilmen-Crofts Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club
Brian Wilson Genesis Aquatics


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