Individual Results Certificates for BSM Swim Meet 17 June 2023

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Wendy Abbott Miami Masters
Andrew Affleck River City Masters
Jess Anderson University of Queensland Masters
Simon Anderson TSA Masters
Michelle Andrews Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Maree Antonio Toowoomba Masters
Deanne Atkinson Nudgee College Masters
Harry Bahrend Brisbane Northside Masters
Rhys Bailey Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Shayne Baker Miami Masters
Ethan Banks University of Queensland Masters
Martin Banks University of Queensland Masters
David Barrett Barbarians Masters
Jemma Bayliss Brisbane Northside Masters
Ross Beaton Miami Masters
Tracey Beresford Brisbane Northside Masters
Stephen Berting University of Queensland Masters
John Black Element Swimming Masters
Stewart Bondarenko Belgravia Masters
Casey-Marie Bonner Pimpama Masters
Stephen Booker Brisbane Northside Masters
David Boylson Miami Masters
Gay Bradley Cotton Tree Masters
Ashley Bradnam Rackley Masters
Bradley Brennan Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kim Brennan Port Macquarie Masters
Thomas Brennan Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Jennie Bryant Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Linden Bungey Cotton Tree Masters
Karyn Burger Redlands Bayside Masters
Leanne Burton TSA Masters
Chris Butler Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Elise Butler Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kristina Caldwell Ipswich City Masters
James Callaghan Somerset Masters
Chris Campbell Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Wayne Carlish Toowoomba Masters
Alan Carlisle University of Queensland Masters
Nic Carmichael River City Masters
Rob Chrzescijanski River City Masters
Tracy Clarkson Brisbane Northside Masters
Joanne Collins Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Edward Collyer Long Tan Legends Masters
Alli Cooke Barbarians Masters
Kylie Cornock Beerwah Masters
Andrew Cowan Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Kylie Cox TSA Masters
Jodie Craswell Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Jan Croft Noosa Masters
Therese Crollick River City Masters
Michael Davis Barbarians Masters
Jason Dean Barbarians Masters
Leon Denning River City Masters
Sharon Dettmer Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Shelley Devers Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Karl Domjahn Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Alexandra Duell River City Masters
Katherine Duell River City Masters
Nathan Eaves Brisbane Northside Masters
Christina Echols Twin Towns Masters
Deanne Edwards Redlands Bayside Masters
Paul Edwards Coffs Harbour Masters
Peta Edwards Rackley Masters
Rob Edwards University of Queensland Masters
Ashleigh Eskdale Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Declan Eskdale Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Kim Finch Rackley Masters
Margaret Fittock Miami Masters
Kylie Fletcher Rackley Masters
Casey Flouch TSA Masters
Eoin Gibson Rackley Masters
Judy Gibson Miami Masters
Pedro Goidanich Barbarians Masters
Tony Goodwin Manly Masters
Wendy Gordon Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kana Gosselin Pimpama Masters
Trevor Green Redlands Bayside Masters
Scott Greensill Brisbane Northside Masters
David Haley Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Rodney Hall Albany Creek Masters
William Hall Townsville Aquaholics Masters
Michael Hamilton Barbarians Masters
Brian Harding Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Helen Hawkins Miami Masters
Josh Hemelaar Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Charlotte Hickman Genesis Aquatics Masters
Mark Hickman University of Queensland Masters
Christopher Hill Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Michael Hill Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Suzanne Hollis University of Queensland Masters
Stephen Howell River City Masters
Darryl Hurley University of Queensland Masters
Andrea Hutchinson Rackley Masters
Janeene Hutchinson Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Kady Ibell University of Queensland Masters
Chiharu Ishihara Brisbane Northside Masters
Birte Johannessen Brisbane Northside Masters
Ben Johnston Somerset Masters
Alison Kelly Somerset Masters
Elise Kho University of Queensland Masters
Lene Knudsen Beerwah Masters
Myles Larsen Barbarians Masters
Rhonda Laws Brisbane Northside Masters
David Lee Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Michael Lee Aqualicious Masters
Steven Legge Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Liz Little Brisbane Northside Masters
Glenn Lo University of Queensland Masters
Craig Lobsey Toowoomba Masters
Claire Lonergan Belgravia Masters
Daniel Lukritz Somerset Masters
Carolyn Lunney Toowoomba Masters
David Lutteral Rackley Masters
Rosalie Lutvey Redlands Bayside Masters
Thomas Lynch Barbarians Masters
Nola Macaulay University of Queensland Masters
Adrian Malisano University of Queensland Masters
Linda Maloney Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Alexia Manase Rackley Masters
Colin Marks Rackley Masters
Emma Marshall Barbarians Masters
Claire Mas Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Jo Matthews Noosa Masters
Emma Maxwell University of Queensland Masters
Lyn May Twin Towns Masters
John McAully River City Masters
Lachlan McCarthy Element Swimming Masters
John McKaig University of Queensland Masters
Bronwyn McKillop Belgravia Masters
Courtney McKinnon Redlands Bayside Masters
Peta Medhurst University of Queensland Masters
Andrew Melrose River City Masters
Linda Meredith Redlands Bayside Masters
Warren Midgley Toowoomba Masters
Susanne Milenkevich River City Masters
Robert Mitchell Barbarians Masters
Allan Morrison Redlands Bayside Masters
Robert Muller Barbarians Masters
Katrina Munn Rackley Masters
Kylie Mynett Genesis Aquatics Masters
Jacinta Nemeth Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Jay Neville University of Queensland Masters
Jodie Newman Miami Masters
Neil Newman Belgravia Masters
Harry Norrie Brisbane Northside Masters
Stephen O'Brien Miami Masters
William O'Leary University of Queensland Masters
Gillian O'Mara River City Masters
Susie O'Neill Rackley Masters
Trudy Padro River City Masters
Manuel Panaretos Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Greg Parr Sunshine Coast Masters
Alan Patterson Redlands Bayside Masters
Joan Patterson Miami Masters
Robert Patterson Redlands Bayside Masters
Kirby Patterson-Fahy River City Masters
Sarah Philp University of Queensland Masters
Bella Pranic Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Catherine Prince Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Eric Quevauvilliers Redlands Bayside Masters
Anneke Ray Rackley Masters
Marsha Reddiex Belgravia Masters
Trevor Reynolds Belgravia Masters
Steve Richard-Preston Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Clive Robinson Miami Masters
Heather Robinson Redlands Bayside Masters
Todd Robinson Gympie Gold Fins Masters
Tristan Robinson Redlands Bayside Masters
Joerg Rockstroh Barbarians Masters
Calum Ryan Genesis Aquatics Masters
Deanne Sanderson Belgravia Masters
Chris Savage River City Masters
Christina Scolaro University of Queensland Masters
Brendon Scott Yeronga Yabbies
Anthony Shing Rackley Masters
Elaine Sng River City Masters
Clare Somerville Sunshine Coast Masters
Colette Southam Miami Masters
Noah Southam Miami Masters
Daniel Stampa North Mackay Sinkers Masters
Craig Steains River City Masters
Jill Stevens Pimpama Masters
Melanie Stevens Toowoomba Masters
Robert Sutherland Brisbane Northside Masters
Richard Sydes Barbarians Masters
Don Taylor Toowoomba Masters
Stephen Thomas North Sydney Masters
Julie Tierney Noosa Masters
John Tinkler University of Queensland Masters
David Tomkinson Barbarians Masters
Cathy Van Croonenborg Genesis Aquatics Masters
Susan Walker Toowoomba Masters
Shane Walsh Noosa Masters
Margaret Watts Miami Masters
Roger White Toowoomba Masters
Jacqueline Willmott Miami Masters
Brian Wilson Genesis Aquatics Masters
Rebecca Wilson Toowoomba Masters
Brett Woods University of Queensland Masters
Alison Wright Brisbane Southside Masters Swimming
Tracey Zammit Miami Masters


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