BSM Fortieth Anniversary Short Course Swim Meet Saturday 19 June, 2021 (sanction Q9/21)

It's All over Including the Cheering!

Thanks to all those who supported us at this swim meet, officials, volunteers and our sponsors. Congratulations to Miami Masters in achieving something that no other club has since the now defunct Gold Coast in 1982, that is, beating us on total club points score. The results have been published and the results certificates are available for download. In the results file there are the results of each event, the individual points score, the club points score, the average points score used to award the smaller clubs trophy and the rank order used to award the swimmer of the meet. Please direct any feedback, issues with the results or result certificates to meet recorder.

Republished Results (14 July 2021)

Due to a configuration issue with the AOE some 25 m split times were missing and other split times appeared out of sequence, for example 75 m split time appearing before the 100 m split time. With support from the Brisbane Aquatic Centre staff we have been able to retrieve the most of the missing splits. Any splits which are missing from the republished results are attributable to soft touches or equipment failure. Specifically no split times are available for lane 1 at the bulkhead end after event 10, that is, split times for 25 m, 75 m etc. The corrections affect the results for events 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 20, 21 and 22. No final times or points scores are changed as a result of these corrections.

The Brisbane Aquatic Centre is now using the Check in Queensland app, if you haven't already downloaded it now would be a good time to do so.

The an updated swim meet flyer is now available in the downloads part of the page below. The significant revisions are the start time is now 09:30 (warmup 09:00). Separate men's and women's 4 x  100 m freestyle relays have been added as events 13 and 14 respectively. In addition the events export file for Team Manager is available for download.

2021 is the fortieth anniversary of BSM's first swim meet at what is now the Brisbane Aquatic Centre. Our November 1981 swim meet was one of the first conducted at then recently opened venue which was built to host the 1982 Commonwealth Games. Unlike our first swim meet we are holding a short course meet. Back then it was not possible to conduct a short course swim meet in the main pool, the movable bulkhead being installed many years later.

The recently published 2021 updated MSQ calendar contains very few swim meets and this may be your only opportunity for the year to swim in a short course meet with AOE. The meet will be similar to our 2019 swim meet, that is, 200 m (choice of 1 out of 5 options), 100 m (choice of free and 1 out of 4 options), 50 m (4 options) and 25 m (4 options).

What Does the BSM Swim Meet Have to Offer?

The Best Competition Venue in Queensland

photograph of pool

The competition pool was state of the art when opened in 1981 and is still a world class facility, with wide lanes and 2 m deep through out. Innumerable records have been set in our pool including Open World records. Even if you can't swim that fast you will have the best possible opportunity of achieving a PB. In any case you will be swimming in the lanes of champions.

See Your Name Up in Lights

The venue is equipped a new high resolution colour LED score board also modern timing and recording equipment. For our swim meet pads will be installed at both ends of the pool and semiautomatic back up timing equipment (single push button) will be in use. Your finishing time be displayed beside your name on the score board. Where available, reaction and split times will be published in the results on the BSM web site. For a variety of reasons the availability of reaction and split times cannot be guaranteed, for example, there is no manual backup for these times, starting from the pool deck or soft touches etc.

Visualize Yourself Here

photograph of starting block

Who Cares About the Weather?

It is an indoor venue, sunburn is not a problem, neither is rain, hail or strong winds.

The People

Brisbane Southside Masters members will try to make your day memorable for all the right reasons, we are friendly, generally don't bite and try to run our swim meets as professionally as possible without being officious. You will also be in the company of swimmers from all over South East Queensland and possibly from further afield.

Swimmer of the Meet

Similar to previous years, BSM will have an award for the swimmer of the meet. The award is based on the "merit" of their swims when compared to the National Records as the time of the swim meet. To be eligible a swimmer must complete five individual swims and achieve the greatest "merit" over the five swims. The "merit" of each individual swim is calculated by the FINA points score method below. The National Records are being used in lieu of World Records because there are no World Records maintained for the 18 to 24 age group.

Merit = Floor ((National_Record / Time_Achieved)3 * 1000)

Important Dates

Closing Date for Nominations Friday 11 June, 2021
Draft Programme published on BSM Web Site Saturday 12 June, 2021
Cutoff for Notification of Programme Corrections 1700 (UTC + 10) on Monday 14 June, 2021
Programme Finalised Tuesday 15 June, 2021
Results Published on BSM Web Site Sunday 20 July, 2021

Important Notices

  1. Because of the late closing date and subsequent tight schedule to produce a draft programme it is not possible to accept nominations after the published closing date.
  2. Because of the potential to disadvantage other swimmers, we cannot accept changes to nominated events after the publication of the draft programme. The only exception is where an error has been made by BSM entering a nomination directly into the database. Please do not request changes to nominated events where the nomination was entered via the MSQ web site. It is exclusively the swimmer's responsibility to ensure that their nomination via Quick Entry or Entry Manager is as they intended.
  3. Requests to change nominated times after the draft programme is published will be considered on merit. In general where a change to a nominated time will benefit the overall running of the event such changes will be accepted, for example, where a gross error has been made in entering a nominated time thus inappropriately seeding a swimmer in the first or last heats.
  4. Published start times for events are estimates only and must not be relied upon. The swim meet will be conducted as expeditiously as is reasonable, starts will not be delayed for the purpose of matching a published start time.
  5. When the program is finalised we intend to publish a list of the swimmers who are predicted to have short turn around times between events (i.e. less than 10 minutes). Please advise the marshaling room staff of your short turn around time, return to the marshalling room as quickly as possible and again advise the marshals you have returned.

Where is the Brisbane Aquatic Center?

The Brisbane Aquatic Centre is located at the intersection of Old Cleveland and Tilley roads at Chandler, see the Sleeman map. Enter via Tilley road roundabout and proceed to car park P3. From the car park follow signs to the aquatic centre. Competitors and spectators must enter the aquatic centre via the grandstand entrance, the pool deck and change rooms are accessed via internal stairs. Public transport may be available check with Translink.

Download Files


Results Certificates

Final Program

Entry List

Short Turnaround Report

Timekeeping Lane Allocation

Meet Director's Message


Meet Guide

Exported Events for Team Manager (TM)

Photograph courtesy of Queensland Major Sports Facilities Authority


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